There are currently no professional development courses scheduled at this time.


Professional development courses are for teachers looking to incorporate technology into their classroom and parents looking to learn new skills to engage their children or improve their resumes.


Schools enrolled in the ScopeIT, in school, program receive this professional development at no cost as a means to truly Level-Up STEM Education in an integrated and synergistic environment.

Contact us to be notified when a course is scheduled or to schedule training for your faculty.

Available Courses Include:

  • Advanced Excel - Training to learn functions and methods to teach concepts and represent data

  • LEGO Robotics Integration - Training to learn LEGO WeDo and Mindstorms robotics and how these tools can be used to provide real-world math and science activities

  • Scratch and the Arts - Learn how to use Scratch and how it can be used for teaching animation while making it all interactive

  • Web Design for Homework - Learn the basics of a free to use, web design tool, that students could use in place of presentations or documents to present information and save trees

  • Python for Statistics - Learn where to find data and how Python can be used to represent large data sets for statistical analysis

  • More to come...

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