Level-Up STEM is a full-service provider of STEM education activities and training with an emphasis in the applied sciences and mathematics through the use of technology (or engineering) focused content. Level-Up STEM provides programs in robotics, computer sciences and professional development to students in grades K through 12 and teachers at every level. At Level-Up STEM, we believe that STEM education is at its most powerful when students are integrating technology and problem solving into their standard science and mathematics coursework in parallel with learning how to use an ever-increasing pool of technological tools to improve the world around them with an emphasis in engineering and computer science principles.


Level-Up STEM offers in school computer science curriculum to students in grades K through 12 that begins with coding concepts through Code.org and takes them into HTML/CSS, Arduino, 3D printing, application development and more. This is accomplished through ScopeIT Education curriculum implemented at your local school through trained professional staff.

In addition, Level-Up STEM offers after school activities and camps targeted at children ages 7 to 18 to allow them to dive deeper into their computer science interests and further develop skills introduced through the in-school program. These CiY (Code it Yourself) Clubs and Camps offer a self-paced program covering the same tools as the in-school activities without the rigor of school curriculum. CiY Clubs and Camps also stand on their own at schools and centers not implementing the ScopeIT Education system.

Finally, Level-Up STEM offers professional development to instructors looking to bring technology into their classroom. While many tools exist to teach children the sciences and math through technology, Level-Up STEM endevors to empower teachers to reinforce skills already learned in class to visualize concepts and show how computer science and engineering is used every day to help solve a variaty of problems and improve our quality of life. Offering professional development in Excel, Python, Arduino and more will give instructors skills, confidence and examples to bring into their science and math classroom to dive deeper and truly "empower STEM education".

About the Pics



Rob instructs a student in coding activities at a local school.



The Ochs family in 2017. From left to right is Michael, Hannah, Lee Ann (holding Andrew), Rob (holding Adelaide), Robert and Caleb



Our mission is to bring the best, integrated, STEM education to children by offering top-tier engineering and computer science programs and empowering educators to incorporate technology into their science and mathematics courses.


To accomplish this, it is important to us that educators be involved as much as possible so our first effort will be to employ the teachers at the school in which the activities are taking place. We know teachers already have a hard job so we strive to help them in any way we can by providing stipends and offloading curriculum development where possible. If teachers are not available, we believe it is important to keep the activity leaders from the local community as much as possible so we will strive to keep employment local as much as practical.


Owners Rob and Lee Ann Ochs have been married since 2001 and have six children ranging in age from 17 months to 13 years as of 2018. Rob is an electrical engineer with his master's degree who is currently managing an electrical engineering group at a small contract medical device design firm located in the Kansas City area. Lee Ann is a high school mathematics instructor with her master's degree in mathematics education.